How to Migrate your Blog from to AND change your Domain Name

There are lots of “how to” posts and step by step guides out there which are extremely informative. They are great for getting that particular thing done. But sometimes what you need is “How to do this, but also do that while doing this” – These kinds of posts rarely exist, and they are hidden Read more about How to Migrate your Blog from to AND change your Domain Name[…]

Single tap enable GPS using Tasker (Without Root)

I like use the Waze navigation app when I drive. Not only for navigation but also for its speed camera detection, speed limits and of course as any Waze user will know, the points. For this to work well it needs GPS enabled.

In the past I have tried to automate GPS using Tasker profiles like “When I connect to a certain Bluetooth device” or “When a Bluetooth device has connected and the device has been unlocked” but I found they were unreliable. I also tried out automating GPS when Waze launched, but with this profile I also found the exit task to be unreliable and with Waze having to be on the home screen (to avoid multiple taps) I thought it was messy – terrible I know!

So, in this post I’ll show you how I have automated GPS with minimal taps and keeping everything tidy by using a Tasker shortcut. […]

Wondering about password strength? A quick recommendation! Last week I decided that a year and a bit was long enough to leave all of my online passwords unchanged. So I had to get to grips with the mammoth job of changing everything! Coming up with the “perfect” password was pretty tricky, and a simpleton like me doesn’t really know what makes Read more about Wondering about password strength? A quick recommendation![…]