Visiting Prague? Here are some Photos, Tips and Advice for Getting Around.

Have you ever been? No? Well I recommend you get your trip booked. Take a chance visiting Prague, you’ll be amazed at its beauty and the relaxed way of life, perfect for a few days getaway!

We have been thinking about visiting Prague for years, so one day back in October last year we decided to get the flights and Airbnb booked and start looking forward to our upcoming trip in November. We decided to go in the colder part of the year as we it seemed more of a romantic idea than going in the summer, plus it would be a little quieter!


In this blog post I’m going to share loads of photos of our experiences and some tips and advice for getting around etc. Any prices quoted in GBP are using the exchange rate correct at the time of posting (1 CZK = 0.0348396 GBP).

Arriving at Prague Airport

We arrived at terminal 1 at Prague airport. The airport itself is pretty modern and overall nice place to be. Lots of shops, cafes and restaurants even for arriving passengers. It seems they mix departing and arriving passengers in the same part of the terminal so you can grab something quick to eat of you’re peckish, don’t leave it too long though if you have luggage to pick up.

Buying your public transport tickets to get to Prague centre

Don’t waste your money on airport transfers or expensive taxi rides while visiting, the Buses and Metro systems are easy to work out, cheap to use and tourist friendly, not to mention incredibly safe too. If you’re making your way to the centre on foot (which I highly recommend) then definitely get your tickets for the public transport before you leave the luggage collection hall as it’s much easier to figure out what you need to get. The ticket machines are found on the back wall beside the customs/exit “nothing to declare” doors.

The tickets are sold zones or travel distances but in blocks of time. the following ticket times are available: 30 min, 90 min, 24 hr and 3 day. If you’re in Prague for longer and you fancy travelling further out of the city centre then there are long term passes available. Here are the prices as of the date of this post:

Prague Ticket Pricing 05-01-2017

This image is a screenshot of the Prague transport website. Click the picture to go to their website to confirm up to date pricing.

Getting from Prague Airport to Prague city centre

Whenever I visit new places I always want to experience as much as possible and do things myself.Yes it’s easy just to jump into a taxi and tell the driver where to go but that takes the fun away from it and it costs a fortune. You can get to the centre from the airport for as little as £1.12 in under an hour very easily (I’d recommend buying a 90 minute ticket).

So, you’ve got your luggage and you’re in the arrivals hall:

  1. Follow signs for Buses, these will take you outside to the front of the terminal.
  2. Look for the bus stop for bus number 119. We had to cross the road in front of the terminal over one zebra crossing to find it. Once you’ve crossed turn right and the bus stop is 3 or 4 stops down. This bus departs every 5-20 minutes between 4.15am and 11.30pm and takes approximately 20 minuted to complete the journey.
  3. When boarding the bus you must remember to validate your ticket. If you don’t you could be fined.
  4. Find a seat and relax. You may have to stand during busy times. There are a couple of TVs to allow you to keep an eye on your journey.
  5. Get off the bus on the 9th stop called Nádraží Veleslavín. On the TV screen this stop will have a green “A” next to it, this means you can access metro line A from this stop. Nádraží Veleslavín is also the last stop on the route so if you do get a little confused then you’ll know to get off when everyone else does!
  6. Make your way down the steps to the underground metro station.
  7. Follow the signs for Metro line A.
  8. Once you are on the platform you will need to go to the right hand side for trains to Depo Hostivař. Trains arrive very frequently.
  9. Stay on the train for 6 stops and get off the train at Můstek.
  10. Exit the station.

You’re now in Prague centre!

Tip: For returning to the airport just follow these directions but in reverse order.

Our apartment for the week

We stayed in a really nice, modern apartment for the week while we were visiting Prague. We found it on Airbnb and were delighted when we first walked in. Here are some photos:


Everything was clean and tidy, the heating worked fine (thank goodness), the bed was comfy and the staff who showed us round were really nice and even offered to keep our bag after we checked out on the last day as we had a late flight.

The apartment was situated at the top of Wenceslas Square just by the museum. Here it is:

We paid £260.00 for the week on Airbnb. I’d recommend it to anyone who is thinking of visiting Prague. Click here to go to the apartment on Airbnb.

Eating and Drinking in Prague

There are loads of places to eat and drink when you’re visiting Prague. Here are some that we would recommend:

Breakfast at Cafe Louvre

A lovely French cafe with a range of French and Czech breakfasts. These breakfasts are pretty big and include cake! Cheap prices. Click here for the website.


Visiting Prague - Cafe Louvre

You have to try the Complete Czech Breakfast!



Breakfast at Cafe Cafe

Cafe Cafe is a stylish cafe found in the centre of Prague. It’s a must for the tourist who like a bit extra with regard to treatment. The staff are really nice and the cakes! Yum! You must try the Big Breakfast (See picture). Reasonable prices. Click here for the website.

Breakfast at Cafe Cafe - Visiting Prague

You must try the Big Breakfast!



Lunch and drinks at Fat Cat Brewery and Pub

This place is right in the heart of Prague. It has a young and modern feel to it. It serves delicious Czech beers along with a range of amazing burgers and hotdogs, typical pub fast food. Higher than average prices. Click here for the website.

Visiting Prague - Fat Cat

Fat Cat Burger



Beers at Loď Pivovar

We found this place completely by accident and immediately fell in love. It’s a floating brewery and restaurant. I’d highly recommend it for the thirsty tourist! Cheap prices. Click here for the website.




Dinner at Blatnice

Blatnice restaurant has a really nice comfortable feel to it. The food is traditionally Czech and isn’t expensive. I’d recommend this place if you’re really hungry as the potions are big and they server beer in stein glasses! Cheap prices. Click here for the website.




Absinthe at the Absintherie

If you’ve ever wanted to try absinthe prepared properly then I recommend this place. The staff know everything there is to know about absinthe, its history, how its prepared etc and they help you choose the best one for you as, believe it or not, there are loads of options! It’s quite expensive, but don’t let that put you off the experience. Click here for the website.



Dinner at Husinec

This restaurant was a couple of doors down from our apartment and we saw it on the first night. It’s warm, comfortable, welcoming and the food is great. They specialise in goose and duck, however, they also serve the pork knuckle and neck (I had the neck and it was delicious). Reasonably priced for a fantastic experience. Click here for the website.

Visiting Prague - Husinec Restaurant


Sightseeing in Prague

There is so much to see and do while visiting Prague. Here are a few things we’d recommend:

Get lost in the streets

I love exploring new cities. Getting lost in the heart of a city means you can see many things off the beaten track, you can also find your bearings and get used to the people and way of life. I always say don’t forget to look up! Especially in old European cities the architecture is pretty spectacular, many people forget to look at this and regret it later when we chat about their trip! Best thing about this is it’s free (unless you pay for a guided tour or hire a segway!).

Get an old style photo taken at History Foto Atelier

We had lots of fun having our photo taken here. the staff were so nice and made the experience enjoyable and putting you at ease. Even if you don’t enjoy your photo being taken you’ll find this a pleasant experience and you’ll have a nice photo to show for it. Reasonably priced. Click here for the website.




Visit the Sex Machines Museum

Not for the faint hearted! No I’m only kidding, it’s definitely a fun and interesting experience. Very tastefully done but some things may make your eyes water slightly. Cheap price. Click here for the website.

Visiting Prague - Sex Machines Museum



Visit John Lennon Wall

This visit is quick and easy! Have a look at the ever changing John Lennon wall. It’s free and easy to get to, very close to Charles Bridge. Free to see. Click here for an information website.



Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a must see when visiting Prague. It’s worth seeing in the day and also at night time as it looks completely different. It’s pedestrian only so no need to worry about traffic. Free to access. Click here for an information website.


Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral

The castle and cathedral are a must see and a full day out. We thoroughly enjoyed it. If you hang around outside before getting your tickets you may be lucky enough to see the changing of the guard. There are different ticket levels to see different parts but we went for the full entrance ticket. You can also pay extra to go up one of the towers which I recommend if you want a panoramic view of the city. Take a snack for lunch as the cafes are extremely over priced. Price is reasonable considering you’re going to be there most of the day. Click here for the website.


Overall I found Prague a wonderful place to be. It was easy to get to, comfortable to stay and affordable to enjoy! We found it had a lovely, safe feel to it too. We’ll definitely be going back to enjoy the rest of it.

Are you thinking of going to Prague? Have you been? Or have you got an upcoming trip booked? Let me know what you think! Is there anywhere else you’d recommend I go next time? I’d love to hear from you, leave your comment below.

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