This year’s travel plans – so exciting!

Well this has kind of happened all at once, but really I don’t care! I have some really exciting travel plans lined up, all in the next three months.

I’m packing my bag and jetting off to Barcelona with my brother Paul on the 8th March. Now I have been there before, but I didn’t manage to finish it last time so now is my chance! The only problem here is I know that my brother is planning on getting me hammered on a regular basis, so watch this space, I’ll either see what I want or I’ll spend the 5 days in bed!

Two weeks after I get back from Barcelona my best friend Gareth and I are jetting off to Cairo on a special holiday.


We are going to be enjoying a relaxing holiday in Egypt as we sail along the Nile aboard traditional feluccas and swim in the clear waters of the Red Sea. We will be sleeping on deck as we sail from Aswan towards Luxor, exploring some of the world’s greatest temple ruins and ancient cities on the way. We will also get the chance to snorkel among beautiful coral reefs from the coastal town of Safaga. Now this holiday is right up my street – I HONESTLY CAN’T WAIT!

Next and finally on the holiday agenda for the year so far will be Gran Canaria for five days with Gareth and three other of my best friends – Brendan and his boyfriend Eugenio, and Salva. I don’t know much about the details of this one yet, however, I know with this bunch it will be a load of laughs from start to finish!

I’ll keep you updated as and when! Feel free to comment below and ask any questions! 🙂

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